About Uptown Sans

What if Jim Flora (a record cover designer from the 50s), Saul Bass, and Eric Carle got together for tacos and made a typeface? That’s the vibe of Uptown Sans. It’s a little weird, a little loud, and full of energy. It’s sure to help you express yourself in just the right way.

Cool, so what’s it good for?

  • Using it in a keynote presentation
  • Giving large headlines personality
  • Helping you realize Helvetica can be boring, and that life is short, also that you should have fun
  • Plastering it on your new food truck

How about that name?

Uptown Sans gets its name from the city of Charlotte, a beautiful place that’s got some of the absolute best people. It may also funk you up, to borrow a turn of phrase from a pretty fun song.